Reiki Healing

What to Expect in a Reiki Healing Session 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing method which is once again becoming known and popular in our modern age. Reiki gives you insight into the various areas of the human experience – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Not only does Reiki promote your physical wellness, but it also has a positive effect on your emotional and spiritual equilibrium. This is why, after a Reiki treatment, most people feel refreshed, relaxed, clearer, and more content in themselves. Reiki is suitable for healthy and sick people of all ages. It can be used to replenish your vital energy, to strengthen the immune system, and to ward off disease. At the same time, Reiki helps in the healing of ailments and illnesses such as headaches, body tensions, exhaustion, depression, and fears, as well as acute and chronic disorders of all kinds. Reiki simultaneously treats the spiritual and mental causes of an illness, not merely the physical symptoms. 

What to Expect Before Your Reiki Session (15 min.) 

Once you are settled on the healing table, I will use my medical intuitive abilities to do a body scan on you. I will hold my hand a few inches from your body and go slowly over your entire body, asking you questions about various things that you may have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing relating to your health. We will decide together what needs to be worked on, and then I will begin. 

What to Expect During Your Reiki Session (45 min.) 

I will help you go through a relaxation technique while you're listening to a CD that has meditative, spiritual music. I will use Reiki and IET (Integrative Energy Therapy), combining the two energy modalities as I am led to do so. You may feel a great deal of warmth, tugging, pressure, tingling, or internal movement. If you have an open wound from recent surgery, you may feel slight pain due to the internal healing of that wound. At no time do I touch you during this process. My hands will be a few inches from the various parts of your body that are being worked on. You will feel the energy being directed to the areas that need to be addressed. 

What to Expect After Your Reiki Session

I will ground you and give you a bottle of cold water before you get off the healing table. You may experience some light-headedness due to the energy work having taken place. You will need to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day as you will need to hydrate after the energy work is done. You will feel totally refreshed. If you were having Reiki for pain, you will feel a big difference, as the pain will have lessened or dissipated altogether. You can expect to get a great night’s sleep, and you will continue to feel better the next day. Reiki continues to heal you even after treatment concludes.