Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who can communicate with spirit telepathically in the super subconscious mind. I am always fond of saying... “This isn’t magic. Anyone can tune in if you’re on the right frequency. It’s as if Spirit is on a digital link, and we, as humans, are on an analog link.” Listening and making the connection to the other side is like hearing music in the wind. It's a whisper, and catching it is the trick. The other trick is not finishing the thought that is communicated. A medium must turn off their own mind in order to relay the message properly.

What actually happens in a Reading with me?

I will connect with your loved ones and people you have known who have passed on. I have no control who will visit with us or in what order they choose to arrive. You may even get a message that needs to be delivered to someone who is not present, such as another family member, friend, or work colleague. 

During the connection, they will give me enough information so you will know who has come through. I receive messages in many ways. I can hear words, see pictures, get a strong feeling, and can sometimes even see the spirit exactly how they appeared in their physical body. They will communicate to me what you need to know to be able to recognize them. They may also share the answer to a question you have been asking, or they may offer guidance on an issue you are going though. They usually let you know that they are visiting you frequently and always know what's happening in your life. They may even alert you to a potential health situation for you or a loved one.

They are always full of love and can help guide you throughout your life; ultimately, we are all responsible for our own journeys. Most importantly, they want you and all their loved ones to understand that they are where they are supposed to be and truly happy. I have heard loved ones say many times that they are... "home.”

Will the loved one you want to connect with come through?

I always start my Readings with a relaxation technique to help you relax. Then I encourage you to think of the person to whom you most want to connect. Although they may not be first in line, I have never had a loved one not come through. I have actually had loved ones (in spirit form) introduce themselves to me before I even meet the client! They are definitely tuned in to the upcoming session and are usually excited to finally be able to communicate with you!

How do I prepare for a Reading?

I was raised in a strict Catholic family and have always had a special bond with Jesus. That being said, I respect all religions and the spiritual belief systems of others. I pray before every Reading and ask that the client receive the messages they are meant to hear and that it brings them peace, love, and acceptance. For the parents who come to me to connect with their children, I always fast that day. I was given the message from Spirit long ago to fast at those times, and I do so with unwavering committment. There is nothing more devastating than losing a child. I want to make sure that I do everything in my power to give the best Reading possible in those situations.

Is there a heaven and a hell on the other side? 
Coming from a Catholic upbringing, I definitely had my own belief system on this. I have never seen anything like I was taught, and I have never been told that there is a place like hell. There are definitely different levels that spirits are assigned to, and they are all perfectly happy while there. It’s more of a training ground for them to reconnect and continue with their learning. 

Do I ever connect with people who have committed suicide, and do they go to heaven? 
Again, my Catholic upbringing offered definitive beliefs about people who took their own life. I have connected with many spirits who committed suicide, and they are all in heaven with the rest of their loved ones who have passed. They continue on with their spiritual journeys and send love to their friends and family who are still living.

Do spirits from past lives ever come in during a Reading? 
The answer to that question is yes. It is not typical, but it has happened. Often times, we will be assigned a spirit guide from one of our past lives who will always be around us to help guide us through this life. I have had clients who see ‘entities” and wonder who they are. During the Reading, we find out exactly who they are and when they shared a life. 

Why do many Psychic Mediums use the term “Spirit” instead of saying spirits? 
Mediums often refer to the word ‘Spirit’ when they are bringing your loved ones in because it is God who is Spirit, and it is He who allows us the communication. If you are inclined, you can refer to the Bible, John 4:24 that says... “God is Spirit.” 

Will personal things be revealed in the Reading? 
Personal things are often revealed, such as a disagreement that you may have had before your loved one passed. Their intention is to let you know that it is truly them you are connecting with, so they will share just enough personal information to confirm this and make it a valid experience for you. If a disagreement took place, for instance, they want to make sure that you are not carrying guilt and that you are unconditionally loved.